Tree Removal

Thriving Trees, Joyful Communities, and a Flourishing Planet through Environmental Stewardship.

Our expert team at Environmental Advantage, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, specializes in the safe and efficient Removal of trees for many purposes.

We pledge to plant or donate one tree for every Environmental or Advantage Package that is purchased from us, at no additional cost to you.

Our Tree Planting Process

Step 1: During the Tree Removal proposal process, customers can select one tree from four tree species options to plant at the tree removal site or opt for its donation by us.

Step 2: Then, once we have received our tree orders and prepared the trees for planting, we will contact our customers that selected to have the tree planted at the Tree Removal property, to inform them before we arrive on the property to plant their tree.

Step 3: Next, our Tree Stewards plant the selected or donated tree, then email or text our customer a photo with a brief description, whether on their property or if tree was selected for donation.

Step 4: Our objective is to highlight and foster the planting of more trees, as part of our journey towards positive environmental stewardship.

KEY SUGGESTION TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Please mark with a white flag where your tree can be planted in the meantime, before planting. This will help ensure a smooth, efficient tree planting process.

new trees planted with Environmental Advantage

Maintaining Urban Forest Health

Trees impacted by pests or diseases can become unstable and perpetuate the spread of these issues in your surroundings. Removing such trees is a vital step in controlling and slowing down the transmission of pests or diseases in your area, ensuring the overall health of your urban or rural forest.

Facilitating Land Development

In the realm of construction and development, tree removal is frequently a necessary step. It clears the way for new structures, helping to shape the landscape in preparation for upcoming projects.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Trees situated close to homes or in busy areas might require removal if they consistently present a risk of falling or shedding limbs, ensuring the safety of these frequented spaces.

Enhancing Aesthetics

Sometimes, tree removal is essential for landscaping goals, whether it’s to open up more appealing views or to improve the overall look and feel of a property. This step can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.

Stump Grinding Option

Unless the stump is being utilized for a purpose, our stump grinding option is perfect for your property!

Our Process

Step 1: Our Environmental Sales Consultant assesses the tree stumps on your property, then presents a project proposal for stump grinding.

Step 2: Following proposal acceptance, our Tree Stewards schedule your stump grinding project to be completed with your Tree Removal project or at another time.

Step 3: Next, our Tree Stewards will grind the stumps below the Earth’s surface and clean up the work area.

Step 4: Revel in the beauty and safety of your property, free from concerns, tripping hazards, and unsightly distractions.

Wood Splitting

Be a good steward of the Earth’s Natural Resources with this process!

Our Process

Step 1: Our Tree Stewards conduct the tree removal project safely while preparing the block wood for wood splitting. Our goal is to encourage utilization of our natural resources.

Step 2: Then, our Tree Stewards use our Wood Splitting tool to process the wood into firewood, making it easy for you to handle.

Step 3: Next, our Tree Stewards neatly stack the split firewood pieces and ensure the work area is thoroughly cleaned up.

Step 4: Enjoy the split firewood that will be ready for campfires, home or garage heating, and other uses.

***Available to customers that select our “Standard Removal Option” only.***

When you choose us for your Tree Removal project, select one of our Tree Debris Removal options. See our Terms and Conditions for more information at time of proposal.

Debris Removal with Environmental Advantage

Standard Removal Option: We clean up and dispose of tree debris under 12 inches in diameter after pruning or removal. Debris over 12 inches is cut and stacked onsite.

Complete Removal Option:  We remove all tree debris, regardless of size, ensuring a thorough clean-up after our pruning or removal services.

At Environmental Advantage, we recommend the Standard Removal Option in most cases because we believe it best aims towards environmental stewardship by encouraging the proper utilization of firewood and it minimizes the risk of insect and disease transmission from one area to another.

Central Minnesota

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Environmental Advantage has removed numerous dangerous, dead and/or diseased trees for us and they did a fantastic job at a good price. They were professional, punctual, friendly and accommodating. I was concerned about my gardens and lawns and when they left, you would not have known they were there. The clean up and care they took was extraordinary. I highly recommend them.

Mary and Rick Nolan