Tree Pruning

Thriving Trees, Joyful Communities, and a Flourishing Planet through Environmental Stewardship.

At the core of maintaining the health, beauty, and safety of your trees is our professional pruning approach.

Our company goes beyond simple pruning; we enhance your trees’ ecological and social benefits. Trees not only cool your home in summer and warm it in winter but also boost community spirits, provide crucial habitats, sequester carbon, and can increase property value. Ensuring they remain healthy and sturdy is vital. Our Tree Stewards are ready to assist in nurturing your trees to their full potential.

Safety First

Our pruning services play a crucial role in eliminating dead or weak branches from your trees. This preventative measure significantly reduces the risk of these branches falling, which could lead to potential injuries or property damage. By maintaining your trees in this way, we help ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Pruning is often essential not just for the health of the trees, but also for aesthetic reasons. It can be a key element in landscaping, helping to create more pleasing views or to improve the overall appearance of a property. Through careful pruning, we shape and maintain your trees to enhance the beauty and harmony of your outdoor spaces.

Promoting Tree Health

Our pruning process involves the careful removal of diseased or infested branches. This crucial step prevents the spread of pests and diseases, which is essential for maintaining the overall health of the tree. By addressing these issues early on, we help ensure that your trees remain strong, healthy, and vibrant.

Ensuring Clearance

Pruning is also a practical solution for providing necessary clearance around structures, utility lines, or other objects. By strategically pruning branches, we prevent potential conflicts and hazards, ensuring that your trees coexist safely and harmoniously with their surrounding environment.

Air Spading Option

Give your tree the best shot at long term survival, with this specialized process.

Our Process

Step 1: First, our Tree Stewards excavate excess soil away from the root flare and closely examines the tree’s root system for girdling roots or decay.

 Step 2: Then, our Tree Stewards prune any girdling roots that would have the potential to restrict the tree from nutrient or water uptake.

Step 3: Next, our Tree Stewards provide clean up of extra debris, then apply a soil mixture and natural wood chips for a nice, crisp appeal.

Step 4: Finally, watch your Tree be healthy, happy, and resilient for you and our ecosystem to enjoy.

Soil Care

We feed your Trees and Soil, creating a healthy soil food web.

Our Process

Step 1: First, our Tree Stewards collect a soil sample and send it into a Soil Testing Laboratory for comprehensive analysis.

Step 2: Then, our Tree Stewards mix our perfectly selected products to form our Living Tree concoction making it ready for application.

Step 3: Next, our Tree Stewards perform one application of our Living Tree concoction, primarily through our preferred Soil Injection method. Our concoction consists of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial microbes, humic acid, and to top it off, a boost of nutrients. All of our products are OMRI listed (organic).

Step 4: Finally, watch your Trees grow, increase resiliency, become fruitful, and stand as a beacon of light in your landscape.

When you choose us for your Tree Pruning project, select one of our Tree Debris Removal options. See our Terms and Conditions for more information at time of proposal.

Debris Removal with Environmental Advantage

Standard Removal Option: We clean up and dispose of tree debris under 12 inches in diameter after pruning or removal. Debris over 12 inches is cut and stacked onsite.

Complete Removal Option:  We remove all tree debris, regardless of size, ensuring a thorough clean-up after our pruning or removal services.

At Environmental Advantage, we recommend the Standard Removal Option in most cases because we believe it best aims towards environmental stewardship by encouraging the proper utilization of firewood and it minimizes the risk of insect and disease transmission from one area to another.

Central Minnesota

Baxter, Brainerd, Nisswa, East Gull Lake, Emily, Pillager, Pequot Lakes, Pine River, Breezy Point, Crosslake, Merrifield, Fifty Lakes, Outing, Aitkin, Deerwood, Crosby, Ironton, Royalton, Staples, Wadena, Hewitt, Bertha, Browerville, Long Prairie, Clarissa, Eagle Bend, Verndale, Motley, Cushing, Randall, Fort Ripley, Pierz, Little Falls, Rice, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, Waite Park, Sartell, Bowlus, Foley, Gilman, Clear Lake, Clearwater, St. Joseph, Holdingford, Upsala, Swanville, Garrison, St Stephen, Rockville, St Augusta

We hired Zack and his team for an entire day to take care of getting rid of a couple trees as well as trimming and pruning the rest around our yard. Zack was incredibly responsive and kept us in the loop with everything. He and his team were very knowledgeable about all the different types of trees we had in the yard and did an excellent job. Our yard hasn’t looked this great in the entire 7 years we’ve lived here! I was also impressed with their clean-up job. They did a lot of work and I expected some leftover sticks and such, but they did an excellent job taking care of all that as well. Highly recommend hiring Environmental Advantage!

Amber Wilfahrt