The Benefits of Creating Wildlife Habitats with Trees in Minnesota


Creating wildlife habitats with trees is an excellent way to enhance biodiversity and support local ecosystems in Minnesota. By selecting the right tree species and maintaining healthy habitats, you can attract a variety of wildlife to your property.

Choosing the Right Trees

  • Native Species: Opt for native trees like the Red Maple, White Pine, and Bur Oak, which provide natural habitats and food sources for local wildlife.
  • Fruit-Bearing Trees: Plant fruit-bearing trees such as Serviceberry and Crabapple to attract birds and small mammals.

Creating Diverse Habitats

  • Layered Planting: Incorporate a variety of trees, shrubs, and groundcover plants to create a multi-layered habitat. This diversity offers shelter and nesting sites for different species.
  • Deadwood and Leaf Litter: Leave deadwood and leaf litter on the ground to provide habitats for insects, amphibians, and small mammals.

Water Sources

  • Ponds and Birdbaths: Install water features like ponds and birdbaths to attract birds, amphibians, and other wildlife. Ensure these sources are clean and fresh.

Maintaining Healthy Habitats

  • Minimal Chemicals: Use natural pest control methods to avoid harming wildlife. Limit the use of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Regular Maintenance: Prune trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and encourage new growth. Remove invasive species that can threaten native plants and wildlife.


Creating wildlife habitats with trees is a rewarding endeavor that supports biodiversity and enhances your property. By selecting the right trees and maintaining healthy habitats, you can make a significant positive impact on local wildlife. For professional advice and services on creating wildlife habitats, contact Environmental Advantage. Our team of experts is dedicated to promoting sustainable and wildlife-friendly tree care practices.

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